2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio AWD Ti Sport - offer check

Local Seattle area dealer has a loaded up 2019 Stelvio Ti Sport that’s been on their lot 400+ days. Thought I’d put the feelers out to see if I could somehow score a nice deal as we likely near the end of lease period for 2019s as well as deal with this pandemic situation.

I can’t seem to get the dealer’s offer to sync up with the calculator. I’ve asked a couple ways and the answers from dealer rep always seem a little cryptic. Here’s the offer and his words as well as my shot at the calculator. Any help on the calcs is appreciated!

"Discount is $8K minus $3500 in rebates totaling $11,500 total discount.

Rate is .77% APR on 24 months and .17% on 36 months.

Fees are the licensing fees, RTA tax, and aqc fee which is $350."

Note that I tried getting numbers from Edmunds but they aren’t reporting correctly and don’t have Ally, only Chrysler Capital (no thanks). For example Edmunds said RV was 48% on 24/10 and then stated they thought it was incorrect. Not sure what’s going on there.

I would qualify for $3500 in incentives in April as I have loyalty.


comments and critique are welcome. I love the 2018 Stelvio Sport I’m driving now but lease is up in 4 months. Would love more options and a renewed lease, albeit it’s def going to be a much higher monthly!


Terrible deal especially if you have loyalty. I was offered 450/mo on a 2019 stelvio with $56k MSRP, only first month das. This was 2 weeks ago.I also have a 2018 Stelvio and am waiting until my 24 month lease is up in July to look at 2020s.


Big difference in the calculator is your due at sale amount. Adjust the calculator to match monthly and das is quite close.

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Thanks! Just what I needed, appreciate the advice and link. Definitely not taking this deal, there’s no way I’m putting down $1100 just to get to $522/month after Seattle tax.

Thanks for posting this! Helps to have some perspective from someone else looking at a similar situation. What state are you in?

Looks like I’ll be waiting until May to see what (if anything) changes. I’m good in my current lease until end of August.

The other local dealer with a similar $56k Stelvio on their lot 300+ days messaged back and said sorry, no good deals on it, $888/month. LOL. She actually said they had “better deals on 2020 instead of that 2019”. No worries, I’ll just wait it out!

Updated offer from Seattle area dealer on the same vehicle, now that we are in May:

The above calc was for 36/10. Here is the 24/10 for direct comparison with their first offer: