2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio + New Nissan dealer February Update!



Anybody still want a deal on an 18 or 19 Alfa??


I am interested in the Stelvio. It can be 2018. I only need 10k/year. What deals do you have?


Hi I’m also very interested in stelvio 18 or 19 with 10k miles 08053. Thank you!


I’m interested. 12k per year on a Stelvio. Zip is 47909


I just got done leasing a loaded 2019 Stelvio Ti Sport with Preston…Dude is top notch and gave me a killer deal.


Interested in a 24/10k or 36/10k, 18 or 19 Giulia Base or Giulia Ti RWD. Zip 77494. Thanks!


Can you post the numbers and ZIP?


Can you elaborate on your deal MCMJH?


Numbers talk…*&#@ walks :slight_smile:


does anybody still want a deal on these? If i’ve missed you please reach out to me again.


PMing you now…


Interested in 2019 Stelvio Ti Sport rwd or awd, colors open as long as red interior. 24/12 or 24/15, 36/12 or 36/15 whichever term is supported. Pls pm me.


I’m interested in 18’ Giulia Base / Ti 24/10 or 36/10.

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Please do not advertise for other dealers in another broker’s thread. You may share your own deal and dealer info yourself in a share deals thread.


I plan to lease 2018 Guilia Ti sport 10/24 with build around $51k - looking for best price still. I don’t have conquest.


Does Stelvio have cooled seats?


Would you please not advertise other dealerships on my Fourm Post. Thanks Frank


I would like to get a giulia. There is a guy saying he is getting 419.79 a month. 10k with 2500 due! What do you have?


Last day of the month guys, i’ve got 5 more deals to do please select a stock number talk to your wives and give me a call!


Not sure I ever heard back from you on my PM…