2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio + New Nissan dealer February Update!



Im interested in a 19 Stelvio TI/Nero AWD. $56,090 MSRP. Please email me at wshashaty at gmail dot com if you can help me out. Looking to do this ASAP. Im in NY. Dunno if it pays to get it locally or out of state because of transporting fees could be around 1300.

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William I’ve located the car for you please give me a call when you can!


New to the forum and wow have I been missing out. Ive apparently been hacking by myself all these years :joy:.
Interested in a quote. My Infiniti lease is up in 2 months. Im local in DFW. I’ll text you.


sounds good! look forward to working with you!


We have specials on the 2018 Quadrifoglio’s PM me for more details


Yes i can, do you mean dealer trade?


are your best deals on 2018 or 2019 or both? And which leases better, Stelvio or Giulia? I like them both so not picky.


Did you even read the title and the first post?


The first post is from Nov, were now in Dec. Much can change from one month to the next.


@AlfaFTW updated the post for Dec.


I’ve been trying to get time to update this i apologize. We did 25 car’s on saturday and double digits each day prior. I’ve had 0 down time to structure up the deals. Will update it today.


If that’s true, you’ve done more business in a week than I know most dealers in this area do all month.

Good to see you’re doing well!


I appreciate it! We work hard in volume and customer service, it seems to work out.


Hello do we have any Tax credits available for this month ?


Limited but they are available


Are there any good deals on Giulia Quadrofoglio / 36 month / 10k miles? 🤷


Just PM… let’s talk monday… thx


Looking to lease 2018 stelvio ti sport. Located in Los Angeles area. Pls send info plus shipping costs. Thanks in advance.