2019 Acura TLX V6 Tech AWD Lease

Just looking for input based on what others might have closed deals for.

Considering a 12/36 lease as follows on TLX SHAWD tech.
There were a few things I wasn’t exact on (how incentives break down) but am close with the calculator.

MSRP 43,095
$4925 incentives.
$1500 flex cash
$500 grad credit

Sale price 36000
Money factor .0091
Residual 50%

Monthly $440 with 1133 down for first month and fees. Or $540 no out of pocket.

It seems like they have taken nothing off the sale price of the car except the incentives. Would it not be normal to start from a discount from MSRP?

Thoughts on this? Anyone else seeing better deals on a TLX SHAWD V6 Tech?

calc link.

That’s :de: :moneybag:

$540 out of pocket is way higher than it should be considering with $1133 OOP it’s $440. $1133 only adds about $35 to the monthly

You need to counter them with a lower sale price. They aren’t giving you a dealer discount at all.

Needs more discount, and then it is a solid deal.

I’m embarrassed I didn’t catch that as I wrote this. The deal we were discussing was with the $1133 down. I believe the reason for the discreprency was that the $1500 flex cash was applied to the down payment - so the paperwork showed a $1500 + $1133 downlpayment (w/ dealer paying the $1500). I’m not sure that was factored in the $0 OOP price. (I don’t have the paperwork in front of me).

Thanks for the insight. I realize these cars don’t lease well, and I’d love to find a 2015 or 2016 w/ advance package and just pay cash, but am REALLY struggling to find one. I’m not really in a rush so I’ll keep my eyes opened, but the few I looked at, one was beat to hell, two weren’t actually unavailable at the dealer when I went to look at them. With the many documents transmission issues on 2015’s, and having had the tranny replaced in an 05 MDX I’m leery of buying a 2015 that’s NOT a CPO.

I suppose what I’d really like to know (I realize they don’t lease well given the 50% residual), but none the less, loving that particular car - what’s a reasonable discount? It’s $7100 off MSRP already - but as you mention it doesn’t seem there is any discounts except the Acura incentives.

All advice appreciated!