2019 Acura RDX possible deals


Does anyone know of or expect any type of deals on this vehicle in the next 3 months?
I understand that the vehicle just came out last month.

you will not get any fantastic deals on a newly, redesigned model within the next 3 months. Just save your time and energy. If you absolutely have to have it, be prepared to pay to play.

Likewise, nobody knows incentives beyond the current month. You’ll have to wait until August if you don’t like July’s numbers.

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You also won’t see great deals on the higher level 2018 trims remaining, new programs today I believe.

So hot, the dealers are getting MSRP on this new platform RDX.

I asked my dealer and he had one on the floor and said $679 + tax for AWD Advance (top of the line RDX) and $2500 DAS - so I said I will wait till more come in later in the year.


Better to get the outgoing CRX inspired 2018 RDX for $350 or less to lease…

Same, my local dealer has sold every 2019 RDX in inventory and in transit. He told me I would have to order one if I wanted it. I loved it, but not that much.

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If you are in the southeast, give SJ Duong a call at McDaniels Acura in Charleston, SC. My lease was up on my 2016 RDX and I have been waiting on the 2019 with anticipation. Just like everyone else on this board, I became discouraged when I started looking seriously and dealerships weren’t budging off of MSRP (or very little). I shopped at least 10 different dealerships in NC and SC, and McDaniels was the only dealership that really stepped up to the plate. Also, they don’t add on any of those ridiculous $500 “protection packages” which are nothing more than nitrogen in tires.
Trust me, give them a shot at your business.

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Im in california, i wonder if they would ship.

How do you like the car?

Have no idea on the shipping part. But I would definitely reach out and ask. You will not find a better dealership. It is family owned with only two locations. I think they just have Acura and Audi as brands. I didn’t know much about them until I started shopping so this isn’t a “paid” advertisement or anything. I was just really impressed with the whole process.

I really love the RDX. I leased the AWD Tech package.

What terms did you get?

I’m from ca (bay area), maybe if we try try together we can get a decent discount…? the biggest I got so far was 500… I will need around 10% to get the lease to the ~400 which seems impossible this days.I already gave up on it and stared searching for GLC / X3.

Personally done business with this dude and he is amazing. For the record, I flew out of S.FL to get a car from him.