2019 Acura RDX lease thoughts?


Need opinion on lease numbers for 2019 Acura RDX FWD with Tech package in Bay Area.

10K miles / year - 36 months
$0 down payment
$1,132.50 Basic drive off
$525.06(tax included) Monthly payment
$41,895 MSRP
$36,895 cost after dealer savings
$24,299 Residual value
$0.00205 MF

I might be willing to put some down payment to get the monthly cost down. Goal (for me) is to keep monthly payment less than $450. Any thoughts on the numbers?


Hey, for people to be able to help you out, they’ll need MSRP, selling price, money factor and residual.

From what I’ve gathered on here, putting money down is a bad idea. It’ll be the same overall, but having that cash in your pocket instead of the dealer’s.

Hope you get a great deal out of this particular car.


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Have you searched the forum?

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search the forum like max_g said, but these are not leasing well from what i have seen. You could load more cash up front but your payment is still $556/month based on that deal no matter how you slice it. keep negotiating with them and look at other dealerships.

I would just finance the car. The MF is atrocious.

I wouldn’t say that MF is atrocious, that’s an interest rate of 4.8%.

The average new car loan is 4.74% (according to bankrate.com) which is a 0.001975 MF. So not great but not really terrible unless the dealer has better rates.

It’s not the same. The interests for the lease is fixed for every payment for the term. The interests for the loan decrease as the balance goes down.

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So with the upfront fees:

$1132 / 36 = $31
Monthly of $525 + 31 = effective $556

It’s up to OP if they want to pay $556 for a $41k car. I wouldn’t. For that payment and some grinding you can find a leftover and/or loaner 2019 GLE. Not that that’s what everyone wants.

But it’s an objectively poor payment versus MSRP. Only the person paying the note can say if it’s acceptable.


Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough on the forum but what would be a good/acceptable lease price (ball park) for 2019 Acura RDX. I own a 2013 Honda Accord, so might be eligible for loyalty discount. Or is 2019 Acura RDX just not good for leasing? What components here can negotiate on?

Now you’re cooking with propane. Keep digging.



Of course, but I wasn’t commenting on that. My comment was based on whether or not that MF was bad or not.

As you know, with financing our monthly pmt doesn’t change just because the interest paid each month changes. The payment each month is fixed at the same amount, just like a lease.

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Who cares if the interest with financing decreases every month. Does the payment decrease? No. For financing the bank just wants their interest sooner as opposed to spreading it out equally in a lease.

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The amortization on purchase loans and leases work exactly the same. The MF interest calculation is just a convenient shortcut to quickly calculate your monthly lease payment, but it is not how the bank amortizes your lease. If you track your buyout amount each month, you’ll see that the interest component of your payment goes down as the lease ages, just like in a loan.

You guys are retarded to think 0.00205 MF is acceptable.

You can negotiate a bigger discount, get a lower MF if you are not quoted the base rate (or do MSDs if available), or find additional incentives to qualify for. That’s it. Short answer is probably that it does not make a good lease right now.

My BIL was interested in the same car but I ultimately helped him get an X3 loaner instead because it leased better.

“I might be willing to put some down payment to get the monthly cost down.” - This is just mental gymnastics to fool yourself into thinking that the payments are lower. That’s the trick salesmen use so don’t fall for it. What you pay is what you pay, whether it is an upfront CCR or higher monthly.

I’m not a snowflake, but this could be softened a tidbit.

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Wow! So much info to research now. I had a 2016 Mazda cx-5 lease, which is getting over, thought I would try something different. May be take notch up from Mazda cx-5. Now seems like back to square one.

FWIW - maybe will go back and get the latest cx 5 :wink: (just kidding)

In luxury compact SUV segment - Acura RDX seemed nice (safety, style and drive) and probably some-what in the budget.

In compact SUV segment - was looking at VM tiguan SEL 2019 or Mazda CX-5 or Honda CR-V (last two I have had before)

Will keep looking for more deals on Acura, if any. I have few weeks to get a decision.

I agree that its probably mind games for the lower payment with increasing down. I guess the question then would be what is the good price for this vehicle and then check with dealers if they are willing to offer that.

Do you want to watch the attitude, or should I ask a moderator to ban you?

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Not only is it not ‘probably’ mind games; if you put money down, then lose the car by theft or by total loss on the way home, that money is gone.