2019 Acura RDX Base versus Mazda CX-5 Touring?

Thoughts on this comparison for a lease?

RDX will be more expensive but is it significantly better?

YouTube reviews love the RDX (Alex on Autos, etc.). But ConsumerReports has owner satisfaction scores for CX-5 way higher.

Are main differences that RDX is more luxurious and roomier?

I dont think it matters what reviews say. Drive both and get a feel for yourself.

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I have actually driven both of these models recently (oddly exactly a RDX Base and CX-5 Touring Trim). Both have some things going for them, but for my money, RDX hands down. Even though that RDX redesign is fairly new, I think I have seen some $4-5k discounts already (just over $35K?). Heck of a bargain at that price. In fact, the RDX Base in AWD is on my Short List for a vehicle purchase this next month. This is really weird to say, but my top two choices rite now are the RDX Base and Buick Encore Sport Touring (mainly due to huge discounts). Is the RDX twice the vehicle of the Encore, of course it is, but tell that to my bank account. RDX= Mid/high $30’s, Encore Sport Touring= $17-18k.

Helpful comments unlike the previous posts :slight_smile:

What makes you focused on AWD? Live in bad weather location or just like the improved handling or other benefits?

I think my comment was helpful. I wasn’t attempting to be snarky.

What if the things important to these other people/reviewers aren’t important to you?

It’s like color. Only you can decide if you like it, despite how others may feel.

I speak to people all day who ask my opinions of various cars but the most important thing is, I’m not the one driving it, so they need to like it.

Edit: Part of this is because I’ve spent a lot of time chasing numbers for folks and agreeing to a deal, only to find out they never test drove the car. Then, once they do, they back out.

Yea, I live in Northern MN, winters are about as bad as it gets. I have driven far to many 2wd vehicles with bald tires during winter over the years, and have managed just fine, but at this point I can afford AWD so why not make life easier. The AWD system in the RDX is very impressive, much more advanced than the systems used in the Mazda or even sister Honda’s. The RDX in my opinion is probably one of the best “Bang for Buck” SUV’s on the market. That being said, the little CX-5 has some appealing features. It’s a little smaller, whips in and out of traffic better, and has a great interior for the price. I have no idea what the RDX or CX-5 are leasing for, but pulling numbers out of the air, my guess is $75-100 a month more for the RDX ($325-375 CX-5?, $425-500 RDX?) Is it worth it, probably would be to me. If I was buying (which I am), it would be a no brainer, go with the RDX (Reliability & Resale vs Mazda). The RDX is a bigger and more upscale class vehicle, and that really is noticeable for driving comfort. Both are highly regarded, and I understand why. I suppose I would have to see the monthly price difference between the two models, but for me that number would be around $85-100+/-. Heres another little wrinkle. The MDX is aging, and might actually lease better than a RDX, worth checking out.

You’re correct

The MDX base is a better lease than the RDX base

RDX has been a tough sell on the lease front. Can go German for less/same.

I had a hunch. No idea what the numbers are, but I would guess some smoking deals can be had rite now for the MDX. LIkely at, or lower than a Pilot.