2019 Acura RDX A Spec Lease?

Hello Leasehackrs!

First post here

I have been negotiating with both of my local Audi & Acura dealerships. My fiancé is really wanting a RDX and me the Q5. Safe to say RDX is in final steps of negotiating…

Here’s the info I have and am curious on people’s feedback

2019 RDX 2x4 A-Spec
44850 MSRP

CURRENT Proposal
499.99 a month plus tax
2500 down

If I drop to 10/36 payment drops $8 per month to 491.00

To me, this does not make much to me. I am working on getting an additional $1,000.00 off the car but have not had any luck yet.

Wish I had more info but that is it for now. What is everyone’s thoughts?

We need to see the full lease worksheet to help you out.

Dealer unfortunately grabbed it off the table prior to me leaving :frowning:

Nothing really to go on besides this. Agh


You can find out the money factor and residual. And try to get a idea on how exactly they are coming to those numbers. Or find a dealer who is willing to be full transparency good luck !

Seems edmunds has it as:

00190 MF and 58% residual
$2375 incentive

There’s a $2375 incentive on RDX?? I’m surprised by that.

wow those do not lease well at all. MDX’s posted here for not much more