2019 Acura MDX Tech?

Is this available in So Cal?

Hi. Do you happen to have a similar deal? 2019 Acura MDX Tech MSRP: $ 52,295 Monthly Payment: $ 425+ tax Drive-Off Amount: $ 1st month, documentation fee, bank fee, and dmv Months: 36 Annual Mileage: 10k w conquest

Who ya writin to bud?

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Is this a wanted ad? The forum rules make it pretty clear that those do not belong in a new topic, but rather the wanted thread

I saw this advertised in a string. I haven’t used the forum before. I was curious id they have s similar deal in so cal. If i posted incorrectly, kindly advise where i should post.

I haven’t seen even a base MDX in SoCal for the amount you posted. I’d jump on one immediately if they were available. I just noticed only 10k miles and tax not included. Maybe close if only 10k miles.