2019 Acura MDX FWD Tech



I was originally going to get into a QX50 ($51k msrp) before Jan 2 but I couldn’t get a deal I was happy with in time. The incentives after Jan 2 were nowhere near as good so I moved on. I tried the RDX but those don’t lease well yet. I also tried Mazda CX-5/CX-9/Subaru Ascent and a few others. I was in the 40-55k MSRP on most of these cars but nothing came close to what I was looking for in the costs department. Every dealer quote was around 1200-1500 DAS but north of $550 a month taxes not included. It was just bad.

On the MDX:
At first dealers in my area (SF Bay Area) gave me some downright terrible numbers to begin with. $3k DAS $600 a month or $1500 DAS $620 a month. I did finally find a dealer that was somewhat reasonable with their pricing. We had a little back and forth and we came to an agreement. However, I will say that their initial numbers didn’t make sense at $468 a month taxes included with 1500 DAS and MSRP of $44,975. Even at the base MF those numbers didn’t make sense. It was a tactic to get me in the door. I know that now but in the end it worked out.

On top of this deal. The Acura dealer took my existing lease (2016 RDX Tech/watch pkg). Waived my last payment ($448) and waived the return fee ($350). My lease ended on 02/20 and I was about 30 miles away from going over my 36k limit. So no mileage penalties to cover and $798 I don’t have to pay.

2019 Acura MDX Tech Package (FWD):

MSRP: $50,695
Selling Price: $42,019.52
Monthly Payment: $500 (Taxes Included)
Cash Due at Signing: $1500 (includes first month/registration/doc. part of this was also about $294 in down payment)
Incentives: $3625 (Didn’t show in my breakdown but I know they used this)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage:12k
MF: .00100
Residual: $28389.20 (56%)

Region: Nor Cal (Bay Area)
Leasehackr Score: 9.1


I got 2018 MDX AWD Tech about a year ago, MSRP ~$52500 for $530/month 36/12K with ~$800 at signing in MD, including taxes on full selling price. I think your deal is average.


You have to factor in the $800 he isn’t paying for returning RDX so his effective down is $700 with $500 a month - for someone who doesn’t care about AWD - I’d say it’s on par with your deal.


FYI: Acura would have waived up to 7500 miles and you should’ve gotten 1000 bonus miles for loyalty. It is not listed, but I believe that waiving the turn in fee is pretty standard.

Also they likely did not ‘waive’ your last payment, it is probably listed on your contract somewhere.

But all in all - good deal!!


That is correct. However, I wasn’t originally going to get another Acura so the mileage thing was on my mind for a bit of time. I am also getting that extra 1k miles for loyalty so my new total return miles will be 37k after 36 months. I was informed that Acura will cover up to 3 months of lease payments for loyalty. It’s $800 in payments/charges I don’t have to worry about.

Blockquote Also they likely did not ‘waive’ your last payment, it is probably listed on your contract somewhere.

I reviewed the contract several times. Unless they tacked it onto the final sale price, which they could have, I don’t see any specific mention of $448 in any negative equity or other charges. The only items anywhere near this are $500 first month payment and $552 dmv registration.