2019 Acura MDX Base $398 + tax (First month, bank, plates, doc, tax DAS) NY / NJ / PA ONLY (UPDATE 11/23: ONLY TECH & A Spec IN STOCK)

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Yes it is listed above, just update taxes and change residual to 55% for 15o

Any Tech left in White? How to proceed if interested?

i researched on acura na website(which had no bench 2nd row option for advance, no matter how much i tried adding it on), and spoke to a salesperson who didn’t seem to know for sure (he told me advance plus entertainment does have the bench option; but advance only did not).

anyway, thanks for your response. i think i am focusing on tech at this point, as capt chairs is a deal killer for me (need five seats in the first 2 rows).

is your dealer able to add heated steering wheel to tech? if yes, would you mind pricing one out for me? happy to shoot you a dm as well if that’s easier. thanks either way!

In my experience, dealers find the cheapest sources to hire or outsource these jobs to, and the work can be really shoddy. The steering wheel, with its airbags and other critical components, is the last place I’d want a dealer trying to install anything electric.

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I wouldn’t get anything added by the dealer. Just because the car deal is wholesale, doesn’t mean the additional work is, so i would avoid

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that’s an excellent point, thanks for sharing. never had an add-on installed by dealer before, and this didn’t occur to me.

point taken, you are completely right, thank you.

What does the msp price change to if you lease the tech+ent? Can you use the Acura recent student discount ($500) and military discount ($750)? We are driving from bronx ny, looking to lease next week. Thank you

I’ll have to run it for you. Have not run one yet.

thank you. We will be waiting

White on black or white on parchment in stock

For 12k/36months you change the Residual to 59 right

No 57% for 12k

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Numbers are the same for December! STILL TECH & HIGHER TRIMS AVAILABLE!

MDX A-Spec White (Red interior) 36/10K (Loyalty/Recent Grad/Other incentives) I need it within a week. NYC Thanks in advance!

Available and ready for pickup whenever you’re ready.

is it possible to provide the numbers on the lease calculator? And where are you located? Sorry I’m new to the forum.