2019 Accord Sport Lease Deal

Does anyone have a temperature on current Accord lease deals? The best deal I’m getting so far is:

2019 Accord Sport 1.5
$27,100 MSRP
$23,113 selling price
$327 a month with $0 DAS, with SoCal tax.


All the pieces matter.

You’re right, forgot to include that. It’s:

36 months
Residual Value: $15,704.00
Money Factor: 0.00118MF

Those numbers irritate me, a 1.5 for $300+ a month! Walk away!!!

I haven’t found one dealer to go below $325 a month. The calculator shows it could be under $300 a month, but no one seems to be interested in doing it at that price.

If you have time to wait it out do so…don’t throw out $300+ a month for that car. Not worth it.


Wait it out for what. a sub $300 deal?

Get a different car or wait until like February/March of 2020

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All the deals on those dried up when 2018 leases were done, I think Honda has wised up and pulled back on production and axed some trims too.

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With car sales peaking around 17 million a year and dropping car companies will start to offer incentives that will entice buyers.

Are you currently in a lease?