2019 Accord LX - Terminate Lease Early

Payoff 20,403
Months Left 26
Payment 235.23 + tax
Miles 12k per year (has a surplus of about 2k right now)
Condition 1 door ding

I am looking to get a truck ( $100 Taco maybe :smile: )

What is the best approach to get rid of this vehicle based on the numbers?

Get offers on Carvana, shift, and vroom. Just a word of advice: inventory is struggling as of right now so before you do anything I’d definitely contact a broker or have a deal structured. Just my two cents

Wow, Carvana offered to buy out my lease with just $161 out of pocket.

$100 isn’t going to happen… for a long time. If you look around, it may be tough to get a great deal right now. Possible, but takes time (for a lot of reasons), depending on where u are.

Where have you seen these?

Good luck with the buyout.

This happened a couple of months ago because of normal inventory levels and very high RVs. Those leases were normally not going to be funded by the bank any way.