2019 Accord EX signed.. good deal?

this is price honda in Delaware.

MSRP: 28,540
SP: 25,322
Rebate: 500
Tax: 1,084
Non Tax: 1,189
Total: 27,694

Monthly: 342 with 0 down

Compared to other similar deals already posted on the forum, seems high, but can’t really tell without seeing more info like MF and residual. Hopefully you checked that, along with incentives you qualify for (check on Edmunds) before signing.

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don’t qualify for any incentives other than college credit since it’s my first lease.

MF: 0.00056
Res: 54%

I agree it’s a little high but it doesn’t seem bad either I think?

Honda’s generally don’t lease great. Could definitely get more car for that payment. What is the tax/non tax you have listed?

Try other brands.
Honda is not leasing well lately.

OP already signed, so not sure ur feedback is helpful.

Enjoy the car my friend. It’s a good car.

For that price there should have been an “L” after the EX with navigation. Just saying.

try Honda union park Wilmington DE

Did you get the explanations of the fees?

And you got it down at least $17 a month?

And enjoy the car, but as stated earlier I would have tried for the 2.0 as theyre leasing better (better residual) for the $$$ (people have been getting payments around that for the 2.0), but its all done so enjoy the car. You ended up with what you wanted originally.

Yes 595 acquisition fee, 120 registration fee, title fee, 349 dealer fee, etc.