2019 Acadia sle2


Hello. Can you help me determine I got a good deal. I leased a 2019 GMC Acadia sle2.

MSRP 37680
Selling price 35056
Mf: .000722
Residual 53%
6250 incentives
$900 trade in allowance
No money due at signing
3 yr/36000
Payment: $327

On it’s face that doesn’t sound too bad at all, I guess the trade in is the real X factor here. At first glance it looks like there was maybe another 1000 or so left on the table, but that could have been accounted for in the trade in price. You definitely didn’t get hosed so enjoy the car.

Thank you! I was in a lease on odyssey that was over in a month that was my trade in. I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out if it’s a good deal.

For comparison I’m in a similar priced 2018 at 36/15k for 380 a month with zero DAS, but that included around 3000 in negative equity I rolled in (which is generally dumb to do) and I had around 1500 GM credit card points to play with and got 10% off. Incentives and programs change so you can’t do a direct comparison, but you definitely got a decent deal, especially with zero DAS.