2019 A4 Premium Plus Lease Transfer $424.41/mo + Tax SOCAL

Exterior: Black
Interior: Black
Monthly Payment: $424.41 plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: $0 (I will pay the lease transfer fee)
MSDs: $0
Months Left: 25
Current Mileage: 9,7XX
Original Contract Total Miles: 30,000
Miles for rest of the term: 20,3XX approximately
Original Term Length: 39 Months
Lease Start Date: 03/29/2019
Lease End Date: 06/29/2022

Comes with Audi Virtual Cockpit and MMI Navigation. As an Audi preferred member you’ll also get free car washes at Audi BH and valet for service. Already had it’s first oil change performed.

I’d post some pictures and the window sticker if you have it (or at least the MSRP).

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I think you need to scratch the 750 from the deal to sweeten it, otherwise the brokers deals will have you beat. Also post on swap a lease. Maybe better luck there with the higher payment

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Appreciate the feedback, here’s the window sticker. Open to working with interested parties obviously.

Suggest posting the state in the subject line too.

Could be wrong but I don’t think Audi allows lease transfers. Even if you get their approval you would still be financially liable. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Even if Audi allows the transfer (which I don’t believe they do unless you stay financially responsible), but effectively $445 (because you want $750) for 750 miles month is not enough. You need to incentivize someone to take this, not have them pay you…


Tagged with CA-Socal, but yes I’m in CA.

Thought I’d keep this but just bought another car and don’t need a daily driver as I’m working from home now.

Edited the original post with updated mileage. Car also has tint all the way around.

Can you share pictures?

Sure, I’ll get the car washed and take a couple pictures in the next day or so.

Updated with pictures

Have a couple interested parties, but no one is committed yet. DM me with any other questions.

Deal fell through, still available. Just under 9800 miles currently.

Hi - is this still available?



It is, just went over 10k

I know it has been a long time. Is the vehicle still available? Thanks, Alan