2019 A4 premium plus deal help


Got this deal today, how does it seem?

2019 Audi A4 (Premium plus, B &O, cold weather) + Audi Care included + take over 11 months left on current lease

MSRP: $49,540
Selling price: ?
Loyalty: $2,000
Monthly Payment- $500
Drive off amount- (taxes- 1st month- fees) - $4,100
MF: ?
Residual: 48%
Months: 36 month
Annual Mileage: 10,000

How much negative equity is that lease trade in? It’s confounding the deal, as someone would say here. Need the MF as well.

Almost $650/mo equivalent on a left over 19 A4 looks pretty poor to me. Hard to tell if it’s a bad deal because of the numbers on the A4 or if it’s because of the trade in without more information.

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That’s sales price can’t be right. 29% discount?

$4,510- but Audi will eat 3 payments- $3,280

Thats what the sales rep told me… It seemed way too low

It probably has the 2k baked into it. We would need to see the lease worksheet.

MF: 00056 for my area

What’s the rush? Not like anyone is driving anywhere, unless you have a good reason, just wait.

I heard the deals on 2019 are better now, is it better to wait for 2020’s leftover inventory?

Well I don’t know if you have noticed, but the economy is in the toilet and still sinking, unless you absolutely need it because you’re over miles or something, the smart money is to wait. I’m not sure I’d to dump $4100 of cash on something I don’t need. I don’t know what you do, but anything could happen, more layoffs, companies folding etc. Hold on to your cash, cash is king :moneybag::crown:

It’s not a terrible deal, but the negative equity certainly doesn’t make for a good payment. I’m also unsure of the breakdown of your drive offs, seems high even with NY taxes up front.

I asked dealership for full breakdown of info to clarify details above, thanks everyone for your input so far!