2019 A220 Service Schedule

Hi guys,

Not really sure where this post belongs but I got into a lease on a 2019 A class back in the end of October and am loving it. Recently though, I just got a message about the Service A being due in 30 days.

This is my first Mercedes but I was under the impression that the Service Schedule follows 1 year or 10k miles. I’ve had the car for about 8 months and driven about 5300 miles, so why would the Service A be due already?

It’s a bit trivial but if I can hold out the full year I should be out of the lease by the time the 2nd A Service is due, which would save a couple bucks. Just curious if anyone has any knowledge here before I call the dealer.

So… are you at about one-year (±2 mths) from when the car was manufactured? Typically these service intervals are reset when the dealer receives it (Pre-Delivery Inspection). Best you call the service dept for clarification

Ahhh that makes a lot of sense. I would’ve thought it was from when the car was picked up because that’s when the car starts to get like actually driven.

I got my Volvo in Jan. it’s due for it’s 1 year in 3 months, it was used as a loaner. Also please don’t tell me this is the 500/month A class you posted when I first joined :confused:

… from the “in service” date.

Are you sure it wasn’t a demo?

When the clock starts has nothing to do with the date it was manufactured… it starts from the in-service date.

Nope, ended up at about 400 on a 42.5MSRP

It had 25 miles on it when I took delivery so I’m sure others test drove it if thats what you mean by demo but it’s not a loaner or anything