2019 A220 Mercedes A Class - $410 , $250 down

A $43K A class must be pretty loaded up so I think your deal is good given the low out of pocket and MSRP to payment. If its the car you wanted and you got it at a fair price then you should rest easy. A $43K C class is basically a stripper with halogens so getting one for the same or lower payment is irrelevant. Sure there are killer deals on beemers right now but the GC has a lot of cash on it because its not popular and dated. This car is the cutting edge of where MB is going.


$250 DAS or $2500?

That is weird. If it’s $250 I’m sure the dealer could have spared an extra $250 to sell it. $2500 this isn’t as hot.

People that say look at the 430GC or C300 haven’t been in a new loaded A class. Though its a bit small, I think it blows both those out of the water, beautiful car!

Enjoy it and be glad you didn’t have to pay a high “early adopter premium” considering how new the car is :stuck_out_tongue:


Depends what you are after—RWD > FWD in some people’s opinions. And some are taller and fit in a bigger car better.

If I’m after a FWD car, I wouldn’t go :de: as the Asian folks make a great FWD for fewer dollars. But that’s just me.

Edit: good deal on a new model, OP. Enjoy!



And some people (who have walked around the car but didn’t sit inside) think the car’s interior looks much better in pictures than it looks in person…

Glad you feel that way… that’s how I looked at it. It really didn’t feel entry level when you step inside the car

I felt like they hit a grand slam the moment I stepped inside… the features and attention to detail more than made up for the fact that it’s an entry level MB.

Looks cool. The air vents kinda look like my garbage disposal though. I prefer my G20 330i interior but I wish BMW had some of options MB offers on the lower levels like panorama roof. ventilated seats etc.

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I think if you’d waited a while you’d probably have gotten a better deal but for a new car, it’s not bad.

I have to say, whilst I detested the old CLA - it felt horribly cheap in a way no Mercedes should, the new A Class has a seriously impressive interior. I sat in one at Hertz in LAX on Monday (they seem to have a bunch of them at the moment) and whilst pretty cramped - it’s still a compact car - I thought the interior was easily the best in this segment.

I wish they gave us the hatch in the states though.

I only peered into one that was parked on the street (which is obviously very diff than actually sitting in one), but I didn’t like the interior. I think the A-class (and C-class, to a certain extent) photography better than they actually appear in real life. I thought that floating digital gauges panel (which looks amazing in photos) seemed really odd in-person.

Off-topic: Rumors is that the CT4 (old ATS) might go down a segment in price (it was already pretty much there in size); I think it’s a pretty compelling choice, despite being old (new interior and electrical architecture, though).

What was your sales price or how much did you get off MSRP? My two cents, the A-Class has one of the best interiors around. The way BMW is stacking their dashboard and have those tiny infotainment screens makes it a no-go for me. Mercedes is leading the way with their new interior that is starting to spread across their models and also love their ambient lighting package as well.

wha? the screen on my 2019 330 is plenty big. i dunno about the A class but my coworker’s new C300 standard infotainment screen is a joke.

This is exactly right. Drive an A class and it’s actually enjoyable. The tech is fantastic. Puts my 2018 3 series to shame. But…you also pay for it. IMO this looks like a good price compared to what others have paid.

Stripped C300 versus loaded A220? No brainer, get the A. The tech is fantastic on this car.

Tech might be but that’s about it, I test drove one and the road noise /comfort is no where close a c class

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Curious where is this? Im in NJ trying to get a similar deal and cant seem to break below $500

Check My Deal Once.

2019 A 220 ( Not 4 Matic )

MSRP: $ 39K

2k Down
370 Per Month Including Taxes

10 K Miles per Year, 3 Years.

is it a good deal ?