2019 740i 24/10 $563.75/mo 0 DAS 0 MSD 0 First Month NJ/AL


2019 BMW 740i M-Sport Loaner with 3500 miles. True sign and drive lease with no first month’s payment, for a total of 23 monthly payments of $563.75.

**MSRP: $91071
**Selling Price: $62951
**Monthly Payment: $563.75 including NJ tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $0
**Incentives: $2000 loyalty

**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage: 10,000
**Residual: 61%

**Region: Flew down to pick it up in AL, drove it back to NJ

Definitely could have made it an even better deal with MSD, but I chose not to go that route in case I wanted to transfer this.

Unfortunately no others to my knowledge at the dealer, so I don’t think this one can be replicated at that specific dealer!



Good Job! Enjoy the car seeing these 7 series numbers makes me want to go back to one

Nice work. How did you get to that selling price?

Honestly just a few emails/calls back and forth letting them know my target numbers, not much effort lol.

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Great deal @bmw08108!!!

Insane deal!

Geez. Not bad at all.

That means——-

$563.75 x 23 = $12.996.25

$12,996.25/24 = $540.26 mo effective cost = 0.593% of MSRP/mo. In my book that is fantastic​:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:


That’s an insane deal!!!

thats a crazy good deal

This is a crazy deal!!

This is a ridiculous deal, congrats! … I almost feel bad for the suckers who are paying almost $100k to buy these because “leasing is always a bad deal” :rofl:


Wow this is fantastic! What’s the tax rate in NJ? Congrats.

Awesome deal! Glad to see someone else add to the 7 series for under $600 club. Excellent work!

Quick question that I think will help others in search. What were they advertising the sales price for when you first approached them?

Well done OP, enjoy the car!


Please transfer this to me when you’re ready :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: congrats man, amazing deal.

Thanks all! Original advertised price was around $69.9k @cndnbkn …so over $20k off right off the bat. Also forgot to mention to they included an extra sonic package that included full tint (I think it’s an AL thing), protective coverings and unlimited ding/dent repair at Sonic dealers.

@amaximeya it’s 6.625% on the cost of the lease in NJ


someone please find me this deal !!