2019 540i M-Sport - $66k MSRP - $516/mo + tax - $2k DAS - No MSD - 21mo / 20k miles left - No payment til Jan. 3 - SoCal

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 540i M-Sport
Location: Los Angeles, CA

MSRP: $65,920
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $516 (due on 3rd of each month)
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): N/A

Current mileage: ~9,300
Maturity mileage: 30,000
Effective miles per month: ~910
Maturity date: 9/3/2022

MSD due (if any): none
Cash due (if any): $2,000
Incentive for new lessee (if any): I will make the December 3rd payment, so your first payment is due on January 3rd.

Financial institution: BMW Financial Services
Transfer fee: $500+tax (approx. $550) (paid by buyer)
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes, but prefer local transfer

Vehicle condition, options, and other details: Car has M-Sport Package, 20" IND 759i wheels with Perf RFT, and Harman Kardon. See window sticker below for more details. I recently took over this lease myself, but it’s too small for our daily needs. Super clean car and very smooth ride. No curb rash, dents, or other issues. Registration tags just paid, so for CA transfers the registration won’t be due until Sept. 2021. I also just purchased Scheduled Maintenance for the car (everything but brakes and wipers), which will transfer over with the car per BMW NA (please independently confirm). Please message me directly for more photos/details/questions.


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Since brakes/wipers aren’t included, it isn’t UltimateCare+, so what did you purchase?

I purchased Scheduled Maintenance, which is basically a “refresh” of the original maintenance plan that already comes with every BMW. You can only purchase this after a lease transfer. Since I took over the lease myself, I was able to do that. And when you purchase Scheduled Maintenance after a transfer, it is on the car permanently and transfers over if you transfer the car again. So whoever takes over this car won’t have to worry about losing maintenance. Again, I welcome people to independently confirm this, but I’ve clarified it several times with BMW NA on the phone and the dealer confirmed it as well.

DAS changed to $2,000.

Update: BMW FS just received the paper title for the car in-house, so I can begin a transfer as of today.

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Car is listed on Swapalease now (more photos available there for anyone interested). Thanks! https://www.swapalease.com/lease/details/2019-BMW-5-Series.aspx?salid=1510592

Nice color combo! GLWT

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Very nice car!

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Thanks everyone. Car is now pending transfer and in Stage 2 of transfer process. Mods - please close it up. Thanks!

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