2019 540i DEMO HELP

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Hey all,

First time trying to hack a deal.

MF .00165

RV 57% for 15k, 59% for 12k and 60% for 10k (right under 4K Miles RV is taking a 1.17% drop)

MSRP** $73,970

Online $67,992

Dealer told me they own for $64,645


$3,500 lease

$2,000 loyalty

$1000 new grad

I see new 2019 540’s going for 8-10 % off how much do you think I should open up with. I have begun talks but haven’t got a lease sheet yet I wanted to gain some insight on how to approach this from a numbers perspective as I would like my next response to be my own offer to see if the dealer is willing to play ball but I don’t wanna overshoot and make the negotiation moot.


Ask for at least 15%? There is a recent ad here for 11% off a new ‘19 540xi, so the mileage penalty and lack of CCA rebate would put you closer to 12%.

Or just take the deal from the broker since it’s tristate area.


Thank you for the reply- I was aiming for about 15% pre-incentives but I know its a MY and didn’t wanna overstep. Going to contact them now!

If anyone can chime in with guidance it would be greatly appreciated- dealer said he can get do about 6% on a new and 11% on a use vehicle or what I was looking for lol.

Try a broker

How many have you negotiated with?

That’s a bad deal considering its a demo.
Negotiate a better sells price.

For reference invoice is roughly 93-94% of Msrp. Do the math and add 500 for profit then subtract incentives and additional percentage for it being a demo.

Curious, how do you know invoice is 93-94% or MSRP?

Thank you for this bit of info going to try a different dealer on the demo’s this one didn’t wanna discount past 11%.

I have reached out to quite a few but as I’ve been learning here I need to cast a wide net. Been mostly reaching out to out of state dealers not sure how many NYC dealerships play ball - my experience with two or three have not been too great.

The miles alone are raising the payment almost 4%, you need at least double the discount to make it worth taking a car with miles in my opinion

Although they don’t look interested in that, like you say cast the net further

Learned that years ago from bimmerfest forum and I used that to negotiate my deal back in Dec 17.