2019 530e M-sport deal help

Hey everyone im new to the forum but would like to know how u know if ur getting a good deal…

I just joined trying to figure out the first deal im putting together… i have read a few post and decided to take a shot… please let me know what you guys think or what i need to work on… also not sure how to work these numbers into calculator… thanks in advance for all your help…

2019 530e M-sport ( Msport, Premium package 2, countour seats)
MSRP: $62,310
Selling Price: $54,810 (12% of with $500 OL code)
Monthly Payment: $539 inc. Tax
Cash Due at Signing: $8066 ($1,500 CA rebate, $500 SCE, $1,000 BMWCCA - 7 MSD 3850 - Net $1,216 DAS)
Incentives: $3,500 ($2,000 Loyalty, $1,500 Lease incentive)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 15k
MF: 0.00142
Residual: 58%

Region: SoCal

I think your numbers match up with this:

The monthly on that calculator link is not affected by your rebates ($3k) so the effective monthly after you get the rebates is close to the monthly you quoted.

Your incentives and rebates are a bit messed up though. Incentives are applied at the point of acquisition by the dealer, rebates are post sale (some dealers confuse this but it’s important to understand the difference). It’s also good to separate dealer discount completely from incentives, e.g. 12% dealer discount plus incentives.
Incentives: Lease incentive, Loyalty, OL Code
Rebates: CA rebate, SCE, BMWCCA

I’m assuming those numbers are what you’ve formulated and are looking to propose to a dealer? I don’t know what the current average level of discounting is for a new 2019 530e, search here for points of reference. I would check cargurus.com to try and target older stock. Generally you’ll see less discount on a vehicle with the M Sport package as they’re more sought after.

Hey @ajgraham thanks for ur help.

So the 3k in rebates im putting down upfront, and then effectively getting as a rebate or returned… so it zeros out.
The only incentive applied to the sale price was the 500 OL code… 7000 off + 500 OL code… 7500

Sale tax is actualy 7.75

These are the actual numbers i got at dealer today… does this seem like a good deal or do i have it structured wrong?

A little over 3k below dealer invoice taking OL into account, good deal

I updated the calculator link with the right tax and sales price:

I get that you’re basically front loading the money down with the post sale rebates that you’re expecting to get afterwards. You can do that, it’ll save you a little interest but it’s really just moving money around. There is a small risk if you don’t get the rebates that you’ve put money down that isn’t 100% guaranteed via the rebates, but it’s very unlikely.

Incentives are incentives, there’s no reason to bundle 1 into the sales price and 2 not. It just complicates things unnecessarily. The way the calculator separates the different details is a good way to follow.

I honestly don’t know about what’s a good deal with these, but if @legendsauto says it’s a good deal, it’s a good deal.

Anything over 3k back is pretty good, this deal comes out roughly 3200 back, maybe another 300 left to go

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Thanks for the input guys…

@legendsauto so u think i can do better or is this pretty good… would u structure it differently?

It’s pretty good, I wouldn’t do that much money upfront though, 1st month’s, tax, title, license, reg, and maybe bank acq.+MSD’s

@legendsauto do u think therrs a risk with putting the rebtaes down or is it just personal pref.

You get those rebates whether you apply them to the down or not, the reason I recommend putting less money upfront
If you want to transfer out of the lease it’s a lot easier doing so without asking for a large chunk of change upfront (Which I’d assume you’d want to recoup some of the money you put upfront)
If the car is totaled you don’t get that money back (Except for MSD’s)
Better off keeping that rebate money in the bank

@legendsauto… thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated…

also guys i forgot to ask… and this might be a stupid question… can a dealer mark up the cars MSRP? or it that set from the get go from manufacturer.

This might be a stupid question but just want to know if MSRP can be marked up?

yep. 101010

@jananth1so how would i go about figuring out the real MSRP?

See: Civic Type-R

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@gc2a i actually remember reading that post… how could i forget.

so how would i figure out if it is being marked up. or what the actual MSRP is?

ask to see the build sheet

so this is what i got from them…