2019.5 Infiniti QX60 $57K MSRP 39/15K Essential, Proactive, Sensory $367/mon $400DAS

Signed! This one took a lot of work. Had to find out why I wasn’t loyalty and found out you have to have a code. Apparently I had a code (yet no email record) that expired. I was able to get it reactivated. I don’t work for a VPP company anymore, however I requested a code through Infiniti consumer affairs. What took the most amount of work was obtaining a tax credit in Texas for the QX60. There were none on the QX60, but I persisted until I got one. Thanks to @carmoss for the big help in trying to somewhat replicate his deal from CA.

2019.5 Infiniti QX60 Essential, Proactive, Sensory

**MSRP: $57,180
**Selling Price: $44,110 (after incentives)
**Monthly Payment: $367
**Cash Due at Signing: $400 (1st month + $33 down payment)
**MSD: $1600 (4x)
**Incentives:$4500 (VPP, Conquest, Loyalty)
Tax: 0%

**Months: 39
**Annual Mileage: 15K
**MF: .00042 before MSD, .00002 after
**Residual: 54%

**Region: TX
**Leasehackr Score: 12.6 years


Nice. How did you find out about the loyalty? My local dealer says it doesn’t exist.

I called Epsilon (marketing company)
Number for Nissan dept: 800-429-6223
Number for Infiniti dept: 888-635-4836


Would you mind sharing the dealer in TX?

Great deal; congratulations!!

Hey - congrats on your sweet lease deal! I’m also in TX - would you mind sharing the dealer info? Thanks!

Sure, I’ll PM you.

Great deal and it’s actually better than the calcutor shows. The calculation would be correct if you lived in a no sales tax state. Really you paid the full tax but then got another $2,756 rebate from Infiniti.

Yes, so sweet to have saved $75/month!

Such an awesome deal! Congratulations! Does the MF (based on MSD) vary from state to state? I am in Chicago and am being told that the lowest MF possible is 0.00005 (I was hoping to take it lower with 4 MSD’s). Anyone?

I would get a second opinion from another dealer. One dealer in Dallas told me I could only do 3 MSD, as they can’t take it below .0001. I knew that was a lie.

I called. They will look your name up and see if you have been sent anything. Thanks for sharing.

Did you happen to discuss the criteria for qualifying? I leased an Infiniti several years ago and wonder if I could get a code.

Man I wish I could’ve called to try and get a VPP code from Consumer Affairs :frowning:

Can you ping me dealer info? Thanks

Could you share dealer information? I’m also in TX. Thanks

I don’t know how you pulled this off, but here on NJ I don’t think I’ll ever be able to manage that deal.

I’m also in the market for a QX60 in DFW…can you PM dealer/salesman info? thx

agree 100 more for same package.

All PMs sent