2019 4Runner TRD Prem

Hey everyone. I’m new to the forum but have been researching for a while now. Finally at the point where I can get quotes from local dealers on 2019 4Runner TRD Prem that I’ve been wanting. Below is the breakdown of the deal I have worked out, just waiting on the dealer to confirm they will do the deal. Would love to hear your thoughts.

2019 4Runner TRD Premium
MSRP: $42,811.00
Sales Price: $37,554.00
MF: .00199
Residual: 71%
Monthly Payment: $334 (tax included)
Mileage: 12k
Term: 36 months
Cash due at signing: $1,221 (First month, taxes, and tag/title) (No dealer fees)

How does it look to the experts?

Looks solid!

Looks very solid, I don’t think I’ve seen a 4runner under 1%. That residual is just crazy. Looks like you are going to propose that? Good luck!

Dealer gave me an offer of $2k down and a payment of $338 which he said included tax. He then told me residual and MF he was using.

I took that info and punched into LH Calculator and came up with the numbers I posted above. I told him if he’d do that deal, I’d sign on Monday.

His response : “If sites like that were correct, what would you need us for”. Not sure if that an attempt at humor, he’s pissed that I’m using the LH calculator or maybe he’s just burnt out from a long Saturday at the dealership.

We’ll see.

I m new to leaseing but I m doing a trade in lease that my wife has. She pays 412 w/ taxes for a 4runner sr5 premium. And we want to upgrade to a 4 runner trd premium. Which is only little less than 2 thousand dollar diffrence between both models. And deal ship is offering
489 wtaxs
No money down just 580 to drive off.
36 month lease 12,000 miles
Am I getting a bad deal
Anything u guys know would help me thank you

Are you able to provide the details of their offer? MSRP, Cap Cost, Residual Value, Money Factor, Finance Company, etc? I am currently negotiating for a Limited and would like to see the terms that you were offered.

Most 4runners near me get ran thru credit union. Usually right under 1%

Yea in a bit I ask the sales man to email me the numbers, still waiting for his email

Let us know what happens when you can. That is a pretty good deal.

What region are you in?

I m in AZ, the dealship is in coconino county. The sales man hasnt given me the numbers but tommarow I should get them. Thanks for responding, as soon I get them I ll post them. I feel its a bad deal due to I m paying 412 w/taxes for a truck i have now that is worth only 2000 dollars less compared to the trd premium. I ll be paying over the diffrence by almost a grand ($722) w/489 36 month lease payment for the trd. Or is it this how leaseing works?

Thats a way lower quote than anything thats achievable in Socal.

A $2000 difference isn’t the only thing that is different between the two vehicles. Both vehicles also have different residual values.

Not to mention that you can’t compare a deal you got 3 years ago to one in 2019. Completely different programs and market.

Also you should check to see if you have any positive equity in your SR5 Premium. 4Runners hold their value very well. Might be able to sell it and pocket the money

Is this deal contingent on you trading in your 4Runner to this dealership? (They might be making money on your trade)

Yea i was think that to. Sorry my man for being late the sales guy left on vacay and didn’t get me the numbers till today. He offered 469 with 1000 down. Here are the screen shots of the quote.

This is for a trd premium 36 month lease. And I m planning on buying it after lease is done. You think i could still negotiate this deal further down???