2019 4Runner TRD 4x4 Premium

How does this look?
36 month 12k a year.
MSRP $41,440
Sales Price $35,920
MF 0.00215
$1,694 out of pocket (acquisition fee, dealer fee and first month)
Monthly $395

Seems like an awesome discount.

Worth adding msd?

If you have the money to do so… then yes always

Also worth pricing a TFS 1 Pay Lease, IMHO. Drops the MF more than the MSD’s.

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How much does 1 pay drop it?

Subtract 0.001 from the MF for a TFS lease.

That’s huge. What would happen if I totaled it? Lose the balance?

Get gap coverage from your insurance company.

Gap does nothing for you in this instance.

TFS probably prorates the return like GMF does but I’ll let @Cody_Carter confirm.


What if something happens to the car during the lease?

If the car is stolen or totaled during the lease period, insurance will pay only for the current market value of the vehicle, not the total amount paid for the lease. Many one pay leases come with GAP insurance to cover this. On those that do not, we strongly advise our one pay lease clients to purchase GAP insurance to ensure they’re protected.

Quoting a random blog does nothing to support your position. Show me a scenario with plausible numbers where Gap helps you get part of your one-pay back.

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Being an insurance agent, I can concur max_g statement. There is a difference in having the “gap” reimbursed for the amount an insurance company is willing to pay AND the amount one has already paid in for the 1 Pay lease option. Same reason why it’s recommended to put down as little as possible on a lease.

Thanks! The 1 Pay Lease I’m considering saves me over $2,000 on a 2-Year lease. Should we avoid these 1 Pay options?

I’m a newb here, but my understanding is that the money effectively sits in an escrow account, with a payment withdrawn monthly. Assuming gap coverage then the remaining balance in the escrow is returned to consumer. I am likely wrong, but this is how i thought it worked.

Does the $395/mo include tax?

Yes it does.

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