2019 330i xDrive - 55K MSRP $913 monthly

I went to BMW dealer looking to lease the 2019 330i xDrive in the NoVA area and was quoted this -
Inventory - Mineral Gray Metallic with M Sport and all tech
MSRP - $55,695
Credits - $2,250
Residual - $33,417 (60%)
Monthly - $913 with 0 down
Money Factor - Does not say
Lease Term - 3/36K

This seems so ridiculous, I don’t even know how to go ahead with it . Upon questioning the numbers, this is the response I got -

  1. Monthly lease payments of $429 per month for 36 months is based on an MSRP of $46,145.
    *MSRP for the car we looked at is $55,945

  2. Factors in $3,000 customer down payment + $1,250 Lease Credit, $1,000 Loyalty/ Conquest Certificate).
    *We applied the $2,250 in credits

  3. Special based on $3,000 down payment, $429 first month’s payment, $925 acquisition fee = $4,354 + Tax, title, license, registration and dealer fees are additional fees due at signing. In Virginia the tax, tags and fees will be about $3,100. Total due at signing would be $4,354 + $3,100 = $7,454
    *We worked the lease with $0 down and all your tax and tag fees included in the payments.

To compare with the National program of $429 per month, the car you selected and we worked the numbers on has:

  1. $9,550 more in options = About $160 more per month
  2. $4,354 less down payment = About $132 more per month
  3. $3,100 Tax, tags and fees rolled in = About $95 per month

Am I missing something here? These numbers make absolutely no sense to me.

Edit - Changed “Market Factor” to “Money Factor”

Just ignore it and find another car at another dealer. If this is what they’re quoting you at, they obviously aren’t interested in selling cars. That offer is insulting but they obviously have you pegged as an uninformed shopper. Which, based on your negotiations thus far, it sounds like you are. You need to do some research before you continue shopping.

FYI the term you’re looking for is money factor, not market factor

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They are likely giving you almost no dealer discount and marking up the MF to the max. Probably have some dealer addons or other stuff throw in there too.

You are missing a lot important information like selling price and MF and highly recommend reading the pinned post. Monthly payment is an output of all other numbers, not what is negotiated directly. Any advertised BMW lease won’t be extremely competitive either, so not point in trying to use it as a negotiation point.

Here is the closest I could get to your number guessing on some of the numbers, which is awful. No discount and max markup to the money factor. May be worth hiring a broker at this point. They likely smelled blood when you walked in unfortunately.


@dukez Thank you for the correction and the advice. Yes, this is my first time leasing a car and I’m still very green on things, but the figure was just too high for me to believe. I’ll research more before I get in touch with other dealers.

My suggestion is to make sure you understand this month’s rebates, incentives, money factor and residual for the 330xi. You may find it helpful to check out @BMW_Dave’s spreadsheet (or other dealers on the site) to see how they’re formulating their deals on the 330. That will give you a good idea of what is competitive as far as discount and payment.

Then, do your outreach and see which dealers appear eager to sell, and start your negotiations there.

To echo @Britten440’s post above, I’d agree that they’re trying to sell you a full price car and inflated everything. This is easily the most expensive price you can possibly pay for that car. I highly doubt any other dealer nationwide would beat it as far as astronomical quotes are concerned.


Tell them that you’d rather get an i8 for cheaper than that ridiculous monthly payment, especially for a car that should be a high volume mover. Yuck.

Thank you, you’re right. There’s a lot more reading to be done before I make the next move.

@karthikv94 reach out to @DroseBMW at Passport BMW. He will take care of you.

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Definitely a candidate for worst lease thread. I practically gagged when I saw “913 monthly” in the thread title.

Worst. Offer. Ever.


Adding up his awful numbers, 429 +160 + 132 +95, still comes up $97 short of the 913 quote. Too funny.

The irony here is that there are people who fall for these scams. Why else would they bother to offer it. In this day and age, if you’re not knowledgeable about leases just hire a broker and let them get you a fair price. Don’t get swindled by a dealer, I really don’t know what else to call this but scamming.

I’d be embarrassed to make that offer if I was a salesperson. Good lord… I’d send an email back asking if they’d like to kick my dog too.


Wait what?

I’ve a 320i for 36 months at 15k miles per year with heated seats, Navigation, etc for $349 pm (with only drive offs at signing) and that includes lease protection. Go somewhere else and maybes even be willing to sit and play a patience game of waiting out for deals.

Is this BMW of Alexandria? Their prices are offensively high.

PM me for a contact at Passport BMW. I just ordered an M340 and got more than 10% off MSRP. They’re easy to work with and very fair. My MSRP was 62K and my monthly is at $600.

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This is actually a great deal for a brand new model. Any DAS?


I was going to guess sterling.
10% off before incentives on an order m340? I like where this is heading. Sub $600 $0 DAS?

On a decent dealer discount, one should be coming out to ~585/mo with first payment due at signing.

if you are referring to this standard offer from BMW, it’s not good, but light years ahead of what you were offered. 3.2% dealer discount with based MF. If the same deal was applied to the car you looked at, it would $676/month with zero drive off before tax, tags, and DMV.

Here it is in the calculator if you are interested:

I’m putting acquisition, first month and fees down at signing, but no additional cash otherwise.

For DC, in order to have a $600/mo payment on an MSRP of 62K, you would need to have a 14.5%+ discount off MSRP before incentives… I highly doubt anyone is going to get that with it being a new model.