2019-2020 Acura and Alfa Romeo September Update!

@AlfaFTW is great to work with; honest and responsive. We weren’t able to close a deal, but we came close and Preston had great communication along the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to him if you’re in the market for an Alfa.

Interested in a Ti Sport … can you get one to me in Los Angeles?

Yes i can, please send me a msg with your first and last name address zip code and a good contact number.

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How much for shipping ?

The shipping price will depend on what state you are located in.

New York 11729. I’m interested in the TI Sport. White with red interior. Thanks

I’m interested Ti Sport. Blue or black with black or dark brown itnerior.

VA 22033 or NY 10467.

msg me with your first last name address and a good contact number and i’ll get your quote asap!

I see alfa in OC has a deal on a 2018 giulia ti RWD for 239/mo + tax @ $0 down. Can I get a similar deal through you?

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That’s an amazing deal!

WE DID CLOSE THE DEAL!!! Congrats on your Alfa Jared!

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Yes we did! Preston picked me up at the airport and we signed the paperwork at the dealership. Great deal and my wife loves the car. Thanks again!

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is the lease through ally?

Any chance for higher mileage lease?

From 10k take 1% off the RV sir 12 and 3% off total for 15k
Say 57% at 10 then 56 at 12 and 54 at 15

Yes it was.

I did 24/12.

2 DAYS LEFT let me know what you are looking for guys!

Pretty sure that is not true. They are advertising $299 plus acquisition and taxes and fees for 24/10.

How is the Giulia Quadrifoglio leasing?