2018 XC90 - These numbers feasible?

Local dealer has a 2018 XC90 T5 Momentum FWD 7-seater, which I’m assuming was a loaner, since it has over 3500 mi. According to Edmunds, MF and RV are .00161 and 64% for 24/10k and a $3500 incentive (how can you tell if it’s a taxed or non-taxed incentive?). Sticker is 54,600. It’s already discounted around $5k. I’d like to get another $5k off, which should put my payments under $400.

I don’t have a lot of time to haggle with the dealers, with the holidays and family coming in, so trying to get as much ammo before-hand.


Edmunds numbers don’t account for RV adjustment on loaners.

Can’t imagine how you’d get a sub $400 payment, especially on a 24 mo lease, without a substantial down payment.

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Under $400/mo sounds very unrealistic for a XC90

Target $42,900 sales price after dealer discount (15%) and all incentives ($3,500 if that’s what it is). You won’t get under $400/mo, like others said.

Thanks for the feedback. Low-mid 400’s seems more likely then?

Just see in the calculator for yourself. You have all the numbers. If you are not in NY, use 10 MSDs.
See if 39/10 will be better - RV is 54%. Or 30/10 - RV is 61%