2018 X5 Loaner $468+tax (36/10k-SoCal)

A friend got this deal this weekend. It’s a loaner car with 3900 miles.
Not many options, premium package only, and it’s diesel.

Deal below is for 10k miles but he changed to 12k miles before signing. I left before he signed the final numbers.

**MSRP: $63,085
**Selling Price: $50,688 (~20% discount before incentives)
**Monthly Payment: $468+tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $1,888
**Incentives:$3,000 ($1,000 factory, $1,000 loyalty, $1000 college grad)

**Annual Mileage:10k

**Region:So Cal

Dealer had another one which was $10 less per month, but in black (he asked for the white one).

Dealer he got is Crevier BMW (received many pm’s asking for that). They don’t really negotiate, which I don’t like much, but it was just the right car (sit on the lot for a while) and discount. I think we will see similar numbers starting soon in many other transactions since they started receiving 2019s.

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Discount must have included the $2500 rebate then. Regardless great lease price

Not sure if there was another 2500 incentive which they may did not disclose. It was a really fast conversation, the dealer didn’t want to play the ball even for another dollar.

There is a $2500 rebate and im sure it was included in the “discount”. Doesn’t matter because he/she got the car and it is an excellent deal…can see why they wouldn’t budge any lower

Best x5 deal I’ve seen

I’m in SoCal. I’m interested in the black one the dealer had available.

So they change to 12K and kept the numbers same?

No, he said they added $25 per month for 12k.

ok , now makes sense. Thanks