2018 X5 Demo lease


Good day all,

Currently mulling over a deal on an NJ X5 lease that includes rolling some negative equity from my current truck (about $5000) I left my offer sheet at home, so I will post what particulars i do know off hand. Just wonder how this looks to you all? Thanks for any and all help! When i get back to original offer sheet, I’ll post it.

3/36 10K
2018 X5 5101 miles
MSRP $63,385
Sale price $51,495
With fees and negative roll in total price
Out of pocket $1500

What are the details on the trade

If you can come to the table with more cash, can you just sell your truck separately and pay the difference? Right now all your cash down is basically eating negative equity. You might be able to get an extra 1k or 2k selling to Carvana/vroom?

Lexus GX460 w/accident dealer giving 23.5K
I still owe 27K

You try vroom, carvana and carmax?

Carmax was at $20K. I didn’t try vroom or carvana though. Worth a look

Good MSRP discount. I think they are adding mileage penalty which you should negotiate for them to pick up some of it… Ask for the the breakdown of 51,495 and 59,179 …

I have the breakdown, unfortunately I left my offer sheet home and I’m at work. The 59,179 is my negative equity, and fees rolled in. I might be a bit off, but I’ll post when I get back home. I

750 seems high…as others said, a breakdown of the 51,495->59,179 is needed.

It’s also carrying about $4500 of negative equity also. But I’ll update with info shortly

Here’s the offer sheet

I ran numbers through calculator as best as I could and got a score of 6.9

u said they’re giving you 23.5k and your payoff is 27k which is $3500 neg equity
$3500 rolled over divided by 36 months is approx $100/mo.
So your effective monthly is really ~$650/mo

@Mr_Chuckles Are you sure that’s the RV? Any demo with over 5k miles gets hit with a 4% lower RV, mileage adjustment plus rebates are no longer valid.

That’s the deal that I have right there on my sheet from Saturday.

That’s understood.

Personally, I would hold out until you don’t have any negative equity on the GX. They’re basically bulletproof and easily one of the most reliable cars on the road

That’s the normal RV on a brand new vehicle and hasn’t been adjusted yet. You need a lease worksheet to show all the lease details to see what the adjusted RV is.

You can do better than this, especially when g05 inventory builds up. Even now, there is plenty room for improvement.

Can you suggest where in the deal can I do better at? The money on the trade is the best offer I’ve received, by several thousand. Now I did move up on the model which now has an MSRP of $66,425 and mileage of 4923. So that changes the percentage off before the rollin of taxes and my $4400 of negative equity. Honestly any help is truly appreciated. Thanks!