2018 VW Tiguan SE FWD

Is this a good deal for 36/15K?

MSRP: $29,135
Total Price: $26,663 (includes VA taxes, registration and fees)
RV: 53%
MF: .00198
Down: $0
Acq fee: $675
Monthly Payment: $369

I would say that’s a poor deal. You could easily get an Equinox or Terrain and be closer to the 1% rule (and get it for 24 months so you don’t have to put new tires on it)

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Unless you need pleather and a sunroof, I’d shop the S as it has higher incentives and a better residual. I’ve been quoted 222.19 including tax on 36/15k. Granted this is in SoCal and an MSRP of 25,815.

Thanks for the reply, didn’t think about the tires…

No one says you have to put “new” tires on these :wink: