2018 VW Tiguan S FWD - Good Deal?

thinking about pulling the trigger, but came to ask the Hackrs to see if it’s a good deal or not.

VW Tiguan S
36 months/ 12k miles
0 drive off
$251/month plus tax


You can usually snag an SE for less than $300/month with nothing down.

The base S model is truly lacking in features. It even uses a regular key. You might just regret it down the line all to save a few bucks.

No regrets here, we love the S. The SE at 300 is indeed a better “deal” than the one OP posted though. Ours was acquired when the S deals were really great last summer. We are at $225/mo with 9.5% tax for 2Y/24K and paid 1st month + DMV.
3/36 would have been $213/mo
Maybe wait a bit to see what incentives come up?