2018 VW Golf SE

I am looking to lease the 2018 Golf SE (just the regular golf…not GTI). What should I be looking for in terms of monthly payment for 12K/36months? With 0 down? Thanks all!

Just realize a Golf doesn’t lease well. You may spend more per month on a Golf SE than a car that retails for $10-20k more. You also will probably spend more to lease a Golf than a comparably equipped Jetta or Passat.
It’s a great value for $24k but a terrible lease.

Thanks for the advice. So it is probably better to buy the Golf…or lease a different hatchback…

Yea, or if you don’t care about the hatch, lease a Jetta for way less.

The Corolla iM tends to lease very well. Also on the higher end an Infiniti QX30 hatch can be a bargain. It’ll lease for less than a Golf even though it cost way more.

Look at kia fort 5-door. It has better lease incentives

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Have you considered the 5 door Impreza? Dealerships in my area are advertising ~$200/month 36 mo/12k (w/0 down) so depending on your location you may be able to find a decent deal.

Is that a good hatchback? And Which area are you in? I’m in LA/OC…

I’m in WA but there are a few brokers on here that have posted Subaru deals in SoCal, so I would search for those to see what pricing you would be looking at. I don’t know what your definition of “good” is so I can’t really answer that question.

Cool. Thanks! I just meant like if it’s a reliable car

Here is the Imprza Hatchback deal for SoCal, posted by @rubbergash

You know that this car is the cheapest AWD car in the market.


Subaru’s are typically extremely reliable cars. I just got a Subaru Forester and am loving it so far.


If you like the VW I doubt you’ll have the same enthusiasm for the Subie, just my 2 cents

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Yes, I fully agree - very different cars for sure!

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Is this an ok deal? Probably too much downpayment…

If you were to divide that down payment into your monthly (and have $0 down), you’d be looking at about $250/month…Not sure if you’d need more than 10,000 miles, which would probably increase your payment around $15-20/month. I don’t see what the MSRP on this one is - I think the Impreza Limited with those options is probably around $30,000, give or take. It also looks like this deal excludes tax, title, and registration, so be prepared to add that amount to your total costs as well.

I would first test drive the car to make sure you like it before doing further research on it. If you do like it, be ready to shop at least 5-6 dealers in your area and get quotes. I learned from this forum that negotiation should all be done via email/phone - I did this on my lease and it saved so much time. I’d aim for at least 10-12% off MSRP. Definitely head over to Edmunds (https://forums.edmunds.com/discussion/47609/subaru/impreza/2018-subaru-impreza-lease-deals-and-prices/p12) where you can post the trim you are looking at, your zip code, and lease terms so you know what buy rate MF is along with the residual value. You can then use those numbers in the calculator on this site to double check dealer quotes. Check Autobytel for any incentives as well.

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Wow thanks a lot for your help!!

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