2018 VW 1.4T Jetta

Just curious about the offer. 15k, 36m, residual 9991.2, discounted $1,407. $330 month 0 Down.

Not able to get any comp or loyalty.
No sales tax in the state I’m in.

330 for a 20k car is not a good value.

Just trying to figure out why and learn. I didn’t think 48% Residual for 15k was bad. At 12k 36 it would have been 52%. Does seem expensive and just trying to understand.

That residual is on the very low end for all cars in the market.
This car will not lease well. Reason being: low residual and the manufacturer is not incentivizing.

German cars lease terribly. Suckers’ cars

You’re wasting your time asking about this deal on this site…

What are you even asking?

This is an awful deal on a sub par car.

Why don’t you look at the re-designed Camry? Larger, quicker and safer with standard adaptive cruise control, automatic braking etc.

Most of the deals involved some sort of competition or loyalty. I don’t have those. German cars are suckers is an opinion. I’m glad you are a an expert.

Wow. I didn’t think posting this would get this kind of response from someone. Your probably right. It’s not a good deal. I didn’t buy this today. It’s one thing to do a bunch of research. It’s another thing to walk into the dealer, try to negotiate, walk away and try to understand why it wasn’t a good deal.

Sorry you got flamed for no reason by heyericb, most of us on the forum are nicer. The deal isn’t good due to the low residual, lack of incentives, and it doesn’t come close to the 1% rule. Do a little more reading on the site and you’ll be able to put together better deals to be analyzed here.

You’re an idiot, plain and simple.

@Dachad ; as mentioned the reason the deal is terrible is because the low RV + minimal discounting does not help you at all.

Camry, Corolla, Civic, Accord will all lease better and same/similar class.

Thank you!
The 1% rule to me (I thought) mostly deals with people that have comp or loyalty lease rates.
The previous poster was right that German cars especially VW/Audi don’t lease well (from what I’ve heard). What is throwing me off is the RV.
I didn’t think a RV of 48% was bad on a 15k 36m lease. I thought the RV was set by the manufacturer and not negotiable. I’m sure there is some negotiating in cost here. Justin trying to figure out how far off they are.

Sorry for this guy. Most people are a little more knowledgeable and actually contribute to the forum.

Your deal is not good because you’re starting off with brands (Audi/ VW) that’s dont historically lease well. In that class of cars, there are cars that lease better with far more features. See Camry blog.

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Terrible Lease. Don’t even think about it.

You should be able to get a 1% or better lease without comp or loyalty. On our first lease in 2015, we got .9% on a sign and drive. Lease loyalty certainly does help because we got .83% this year. As other posters have said, I’d abandon your search for a Jetta and look at the Camry. Toyota doesn’t have conquest or loyalty AFAIK so it should be easier to get a good lease

My brother just signed a 1.4 Jetta SE 2017 in Denver sign and drive nothing down. Definitely a lot more room on there.