2018 vs 2019 BMW 530e lease incentive Q

Does anyone know if the 2019 530e has better incentives than the 2018 ???

My God, I think you’ve looked at every single car out there within the last 6 months :joy:

BMWUSA will list the current incentives for both. 1,000 lease cash on the 18 and 0 on the 19 in my area. This can vary by locale, but I’d suspect the 18 will have more cash in your area as well.


Yea I have been all over the map on cars!

Just trying to squeeze out the last second deals…

I just leased a 2019 530e last week and no lease cash on the 2019. The only rebate I qualified for was the 1k conquest. good luck.

What were your numbers?

MSRP $55455
Discount $5500
Rebate $1k
DAS = $0
Payment $527 incl. tax after post sale rebates
12k/36 months

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That was EXCELLENT !

What are the post sale rebates?

What about the critique that once the battery is empty, this is a slower car than 530 ?

Fed tax credit of $4668 + $2500 Texas TERP + $ 1k BMWCCA

The tax credit is only on purchase, right? At one point I heard BMw may provide $3k of tax credit in lease but haven’t seen that confirmed and in conversation with local dealer they were not able to confirm.

Here in Texas, BMW has “Owners Choice” where the vehicle is titled in my name but works like a lease. TERP is applicable for both purchases and leases.