2018 Volvo XC90 thoughts?

XC90 T5 FWD Momentum
24 months/ 10k miles year
MSRP - 54640
Cap cost: $49772
ACQ Fee - 995
Dealer Fee - 799
MF - 0.00118
Res - 68%
MSD - none discussed at this point
Initial payment - $1000
Total Monthly Payment - $691-

Seems extremely high for a $54k vehicle… thoughts?

A plan discounts ?
Selling Price?
Way too high for an XC90… Look at other XC 90 threads in the forum…monthly payment is way too high…also the 1000$ down outright kills it.

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Selling price is $47500(approx… trying to get exact #.). I am waiting on dealer to add A plan in as I qualify)

A wee bit high. $54k for a T5 FWD, must be a loaded car.
Definitely use MSD’s. $1000 down, yuck.
24mo obviously makes your payment higher than standard 36 mo.
Add the A plan. Let us know what you get.

What are the incentives like in your region? Dealers here are doing 12% off before rebates on t5 xc90s without much effort.

I was hoping 24 months (68% residual) would do better than the 36 months (56% residual) when I started talking to the dealer about a loaner they had (shooting for 15% discount before rebates). Once I questioned numbers initially they came back and stated the loaner was not for sale and that it was an error on their website (had not hit enough miles)…
Dealer now is not moving at all on the XC90 price. Simply out of curiouosity I asked about an S90. They advised the T5 leases better than the T6 (in reference to the S90) and quote me $469 month with $1k due at signing (no msd discussion) on a $56k s90 T5.
I have responded back to dealer since

Don’t ask them what they’ll charge you. Tell them what you’ll pay.

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They’ve followed up. Down to $550 month with $1k due at signing for the xc90

Just kidding… They swapped vehicles to one with a $49k price tag.

For a 49k vehice, discounts should be 10-12%, i.e 44k
A Plan gives you 3k
There is a 500$ loyalty
so it should ideally bring it down to 41k.

If i plug the numbers in the calc (assuming 7% tax rate), you are looking at 460/mo with zero down.

Is it $3k on the XC90 for A plan?

$750 on xc90. $3k is on s90/v90

I’ve got an updated quote on a slightly different
2018 Volvo XC90 T5
Msrp $52980
Discount $7500
Sales price $45480
Mf .00100

Dealer quote is $1500 down w/ monthly payment of $595. Tax is 7% based on monthly lease and is included in $595… They are stating they will keep everything the same whether I do 24 36 or 39 month lease. Any thoughts based on info I have avail?