2018 Volvo XC90 Momentum...Need some help

Year: 2018
Make, Model, and Trim: Volvo XC90 Momentum FWD
Months/Annual Mileage: 39 Months/7500 Miles
Zip Code: 75034 (TX)

I can’t seem to track down the information I need to confirm where I can improve on this deal. I would appreciate any feedback on the following offer I received:

2018 Momentum FWD with 3rd ro
MSRP $54,120
Sell $49,129 (A-Plan + $2K Volvo Allowance + $750 A Plan incentive)
Dealer Inventory Tax $111.33
TX Tax (.0625) $3,070.56
Doc Fee $150
Inspection $7
License $130
Road and Bridge $20
Title $33
Cap Cost $52,650.89

7500 mi/39 mos (Zero due at signing)
MF .00148
RV $29,766.00 (55%)
PMT $732.33/mo

10000 mi/39 mos (Zero due at signing)
MF I didn’t Confirm
RV $29,224.80 (54ish% - its not exact so something is going on here)
PMT $745.69/mo

I realize its not a great lease and want to at least confirm that RV and MF aren’t skewed.


Based off A-Plan 6% discount+2k allowance+750 A-Plan bonus you should be at 48,122. Looks like they tacked on $1000. You could probably negotiate a larger discount off MSRP than the 6% A-Plan discount. You can check on Edmunds boards for base MF/RV. I think MF should be .00103 for the FWD T5 Momentum so they may have marked that up on you.

Also, look at 24 months as I think the RV is 67%, although you are in TX so the tax may kill any savings there. Do Volvo dealers in TX offer tax credits?

Yes they do. I just haven’t been able to take advantage yet. I’ve gotten them on other leases and it’s the only way to get a great lease deal in TX.