2018 Volvo XC90 Lease-please help

looking for some advice on this proposed lease. I dont have much experience with leasing, so any and all fedback would be helpful:
2018 Volvo XC90 T5 AWD Momentum 7 Passenger (Osmium Gray with Charcoal Interior): Includes 12.3" dash display from T6 package; dark birch wood inlay, heated seats and steering wheel, leather (not leatherette) upholstery, convenience package (includes, 360 degree cameras, parking assist, heated windshield wipers, homelink, compass, grocery bag holder and 12V outlet in rear) and protection plus package (rubber mats)
MSRP: $55,905
10,000 Lease
Dep incl First Month and all Fees $3,500.00
Lease incl. Tax (without multiple security deposit) $558.00
@ Add’l 38 months $21,204.00
Lease Insurance ($22/mo + tax) $914.84
Buyout $31,000.00
Tax on Buyout $2,053.75
Loyalty Discout
Document Fees (excl some minor fees) $-
Total Cost $58,672.59

I realize I dont have the money factor which I see discussed here on these forums. This was the offer my wife got after speaking to the salesperson. There was also a discussion about putting down multiple security deposits:

|Multiple Refundable Security Deposit Option| $6,000.00 |
|Lease incl. Tax (without multiple security deposit)| $558.00 |
|Lease incl. Tax (with multiple security deposit)| $514.79 |
|Difference over 38 Months| $(1,641.98)|

I appreciate any input. Thanks

$2500 first payment must include cap cost reduction - much easier to compare deals if you avoid putting money down to reduce sales price
MSDs are good - cap cost reductions bad