2018 Volvo Xc90 Lease opinion

I just found this forum a few days ago and have learned quite a bit. I would like some of your expert opinions as to if this is a good lease deal. This is for Massachusetts/Rhode Island. Thank you in advance.

2018 Volvo Xc90 T5 Momentum AWD

MSRP 56,485
Selling price 49,359 which includes $2000 incentive
0 down
MF .00083 after MSD x 10 = $5750
RV 57%
Payment inc. tax $563/month

Can I negotiate any of the misc. fees like the disposition fee or document fee? Let me know if there is anything I missed.

You can’t negotiate the dispo fee, that is standard for Volvo. You should certainly negotiate the dealer doc fee as that is set by the dealer. For example same states cap the dealer doc fee, in CA it is $80.

Thanks for the info.