2018 Volvo XC90 AWD T6 Momentum Lease Question

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I did a search a few times and came up with nothing… I’m a newb though, so forgive me if it’s already been posted (and if I sound like a moron).

Looking at the above vehicle with the following info:

Convenience Package, located in NC, lease term 36/12k

MSRP: $58,905.00
RV: 57% or $33,575.85
Selling Price: $51,000.00
MF: .00123
Acquisition: $995.00
Title/Lic: $52.00
Total Initial Fee: $449.00
Rental/Use Tax (3% in NC): $18.51
Total Sales Tax: %682.47
Amt due at start: $1188.51
Monthly Payment: $635.40
OR $671.26/mo with $0- down

I’d appreciate any and all advice, just joined recently but so far really enjoying this forum. Thanks!

All wrong, sorry - gone blind and saw S90. Here is for XC90:

Should get at least 6-8% before Volvo/Costco incentives (you get 7%, if the sale price before incentives):
Volvo Offers
-$500 expired today
-$750 Costco
MF marked up
T6 MOM - .00113 and 57% 36/12K
Acquisition fee marked up, should be $695

With 8% off, $0 down, 10 MSD:
$537/mo incl. 3% tax + all fees at signing


Many thanks Ursus!
You’re not alone, I read the most recent S90 post and was like- mannnnn I’m getting hosed until I realized it was the wrong car.

Idk with percentages but I’m at 2100 under invoice with costco

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Doesn’t include the costco rebate, has the plan a special pricing

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About $430 better than 8% off, when counting $500 advertisement fees in invoice - almost 9%

Can easily get a Lexus Rx350 for 450 so pass on the xc90.

If I didn’t need an occasional third row, I definitely would have looked at the rx350. However, based on this forum it’s looking like I should also consider the QX60 so I’m getting pricing on that this week as well.

I have to completely disagree with you here. While you most certainly can get an RX cheaper, I was looking at a base one and got it to $380 a month without even negotiating, the XC90 is a completely different car. It’s bigger, it’s focused towards a more family orientied audience, and its Swedish so obviously it’s design is going to be sleek and minimalistic. I have a 2016 XC90 and the lease on it is $510 a month with $2500 out of pocket for a $54k car. When I leased it they were just coming out and there were zero incentives on them so at that point it was a good deal. I think comparing the RX to the XC isn’t really fair. The RX is a decent car but I ended up leasing my Jeep over it because I didn’t feel the engine was strong enough.


Poster was looking at highlander in another post which is why I suggested RX. Of course xc90 and highlander offer seven seat which rx doesn’t. In that case, the gx460 is also leasing well. The xc90 has the smallest engine so if power is what you are looking for, it’s not gonna be xc90.

Who the F wants a RX when you can have a XC90?


Totally. Besides, RX is a one ugly b*tch :grin:


I know I am pro Volvo, my parents have had volvo since I was born and we currently are up to around 15 total volvos. This XC90 we have replaced a 2014 MB ML 350 Bluetech. Just because it has a 4 cylinder engine with a small displacement doesn’t make it a weak engine. The car is excellent. I have driven the new highlander and the Lexus and neither compares, the Toyota isn’t even in the same class. I will agree that it doesn’t have the same power as my 2017 Jeep with a hemi but it is more than adequate. You are definitely right about leasing though as you can get a better deal on a Lexus than you can with a Volvo. You might even. be able to score a RX cheaper than a highlander

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What are you smoking? This is a T6 thread, so 316 XC90 vs. 295 RX

Good observation! I decided to consider the Highlander based on a friends recommendation, but truth be told it’s at the bottom of my list currently. I love recommendations, so I welcome them all… I didn’t even think to consider the Lexus GX based on some less than stellar reviews (also it looks super top heavy to me).

I’m not sure wth they did with the front of the RX… the grill looks like its going to eat one of my smaller children, its pretty ugly.

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I just got rid of my 15 4Runner that’s built on same platform as the GX. They’re wonderful cars but for the right people. Most will be better served by the XC90. I have a very active lifestyle and used the 4Runner on the beach and in the woods all the time. The GX would be ideal for those kind of activities but if you want a comfortable ride you might want to look elsewhere as the Gx is more of a truck.

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Front, side, back, inside - mess all over. Like they tried to outdo Acura when it came up with it’s own aggressive ugliness.

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That’s why I’ve avoided the Tahoe and Yukon, I prefer the ride of a crossover/car platform than a truck chassis lately. I currently drive a 2015 MDX and have been happy with it the past few years.

I love my XC90. It’s just a great car overall. When I leased it I got a great deal at the time but they’re so many incentives on them now that they’re even better. Your deal isn’t that great but if you push them more and start getting offers from other dealers you’ll be able to get them down. The truth is if you like the car and really enjoy it don’t stop $20 a month or something like that from letting you get it. Maybe consider MSDs.

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