2018 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum 24/15 $374 pre-tax with A-plan


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I read that the incentives expire April 2nd, I’m guessing that’s inclusive?


Do you mind sharing dealer info? This is nowhere near what I was quoted at Gunther Volvo in Broward. Thanks in advance


What part of PA? Which model and options are you getting at that price?


Confirmed, I just signed up for Sam’s and have to wait

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I just saw this on the sams page in the fine print.

  1. Total Savings represents savings off MSRP, Volvo Affinity bonus and Volvo Allowances. Must be a current Sam’s Club Member by February 1, 2018 to be eligible for this promotion.

Does that mean, no use doing this ?


When program started on March 1, 30 days would be Feb 1. That’s all. So, if you joined on Feb 2, you would be eligible on March 2, and so on.

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what do you mean by flipping them?? like transfered the lease to someone or actually sold the car??


Volvo doesnt allow lease transfers. Flipping them was referring to selling them to someone else for profit.


FYI a-plan also requires you to keep the vehicle for 6 months. Whether they enforce it or not is a whole other story.


unless your a dealer do you really stand to make a good profit?

At least in CA with sales tax, doesnt really make much sense…

I mean, if you imagined to get a $68K car for an amazing but probably not probable $58K (15%) before rebates, then stack $7250 and get it for $50750…you still need to buy the car and pay sales tax on it. This puts you right around $55K , where that same car used with a few thousand miles are selling for under $48K… where’s the profit? What am I missing??


Take a 60kish T6 Momentum. Total cap cost around 43-44ish. Last year those cars were bringing 47-48ish at auction with a few thousand miles. Carmax was paying around that for them.


My s90 T6 MOM was 61k, with a cap cost of 42k (end of 2017 special at 12% off with huge incentives and lower RV). Selling to a private party wouldn’t have made sense because of potential need to buy vehicle in order to resell. But selling to a dealer did work out for me because Carmax offered a decent amount above buyout figure, because initial cap cost was so low.


Hello - I’m a total newb to leasing and this is very helpful information since I’m in the market for an S90. Could you explain the total due at signing what the fee’s you are paying? The security deposit I’m assuming you get that back after the lease is done?

With the A Plan discount - what would be the best way to qualify for this discount? Sams Club membership? How would you know if your current employer would qualify for a discount? Thanks again and appreciate all the help.


Does VOCA require the original leasee to buyout the lease before selling to a private party? Normally when I’ve sold my leases the private party purchasing would pay the buyout to the financal institution and have the title sent directly to them (or their bank) and they paid any sales tax for the purchase upon registering.

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Sales tax in CA for leases is applied against the monthly payment not the total selling price of the car. I recently sold an MBZ lease to a private party. He paid the buyout and the sales tax on the buyout amount. All I had to do was get the official buyout amount for him and him and his credit union took care of the rest.


Is it too late to get a sub $400 S90 deal if I don’t have a Sam’s club membership?


Without a-plan, you can probably get to sub $400 on a demo model, but I don’t see it happening on a new one.


Depends on what terms. It’s definitely possible, but you’d be hunting for an S90 as close as possible to base model MSRP and trying to get 9% or more discount.