2018 Volt LT 36 Months lease

Don’t have all the details from the dealer unless I show up, initial phone conversation resulted in this bait

2018 Chevy Volt LT
15k 36 Months 0 Down 0 Signing

292 Per Month or 9290 in One pay…

your expert opinion please should I negotiate further on features (Leather, Driver Confidence etc) or Price? Don’t sweat jump on it?

where are you located? My more local dealer quoted me 420ish, for the almost the same thing (LT + the option with heated seats). I’d personally jump on that. Not sure about others.

MSRP? Selling price?

Up in Northern California

He didn’t part any other details other than total of 7500 in rebates. I don’t have lease vehicle so no $500 off.

looks promising. Do you know what the MSRP is on this vehicle? Thanks

MSRP: 34270 no sale price quoted

MSRP: 34270 Selling Price: not disclosed by dealer.