2018 velar Am560 4 dr s v6

I’m checking to see if this is a good deal 39 months 6,000 down 633 a month car has 23 miles on it. I asked for more miles they said the price per month would go up $30 consecutively at 10,000 12,000 and 15,000. Thoughts?

This is hard to answer without knowing MSRP, selling price, RV and MF, and taxes

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Thanks for your response. I’ll get those details today. This is my first lease so I’m brand new

was there any rebate applied to this deal?

You should block out your personal info

Oh shit thank you so much

Not that he mentioned to me

They don’t usually Volunteer that info because it makes them look like the hero for giving you a big discount when in reality it could come from rebates

You are my hero I’m on it. Thanks so much.

I got it down to 635 with 6,000 down 12,000 down

6,000 or 12,000 as in cash down, cap cost reduction?

This doesn’t make sense

6,000 cash down 12,000 miles

Not sure how the taxes work in CA (are you responsible for the entire portion, the “residuialized amount”, or taxed on your payment), but it seems better than the average offer when adjusted for the $6k cash down given how the Velars lease. I’d try to negotiate the deal with as little due at signing as possible (not sure how much of the $6k is a cap cost reduction) to see if you can get to the low $700s. November wasn’t a good month on residuals for the velar. I did a deal for $650/month pre-tax on a R-Dynamic SE P380 in the South East (has some demo miles) in October.

@JHY143 thanks for your response. He is just now running my credit so I can give you those details in a bit. It sounded like a great deal to me based on the research from other ppl

Ok so the taxes are Included with my 6,000 down payment. So 6,000 is really 4,300 ish the remainder is the taxes

Leading 101…no cash cap reduction on a lease! You should never pay anymore than drive offs and taxes and some people even think those should be rolled into the monthly…6K down? no!

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Taxes shouldn’t be anywhere near $4300. CA taxes the monthly payment and it isn’t due upfront.

He meant $1,700 is the tax out of $6,000 down payment.
Anyways, this deal is not good. Never put that much down on a lease. Tell them to quote you with $0 down