2018 used MB C300 leasing quote

Inspired by the recent thread about loaner car leasing, I search the almost new used car nearby and found this loaded 2018 MB C300. MSRP is 52085$, loaded with premium, premium driver assists, hand free access, advanced lighting, 18 inch wheel, power sunshade, multimedia pkg, burmester, etc.

Below is the first round quote.

I think it’s not that bad given the fact tx charge tax on selling price. But the sales man clearly doesn’t understand much as he has no idea what’s MSD even I mention few times.

Do you think there is room for another 100$ less for monthly payment for 36 months?

(1) Do you have Fleet and is this included in the sale price above?

(2) Find out what money factor they’re working with. Knowing AutoNation they’re marking up the money factor from buy rate.

(3) The sales tax is adding ~$70 a month.

(4) You should be putting down max MSDs

  1. I’m afraid I don’t have it. But the salesman just said we include every incentive and the price is unbelievable blahblah totoally BS

  2. and 4) I’m not sure whether I should talk to his manager because I feel like I may waste time on communication with him

  3. I know, I know, tax in TX sucks

Even without fleet this is a great deal.

Absolutely go straight to the manager. Be reasonable but be firm. You may not be able to get buy rate, but you should be able to get close. If they argue MSD cannot be used, tell them to call their rep from MBFS - that cleared it up pretty quickly for me.

This is a good deal - it is unlikely you will be able to get another $100 per month off. Maybe another $20 - $30 is doable.

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Is fleet same as the United incentive? If not, how can one find out if s/he qualifies for fleet discount?

I have the same question as well. Looks united only give miles to cpo cars now.

Yes - United incentive is Fleet discount + miles. Although these cars are used, they are being leased as new and, at least for now, Mercedes allows the fleet incentive to be applied.

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They discount the MSRP about 26% off, if the residual value is typical 60% for C300 sedan, the monthly payment eventually should be around sub 300 range, unless they make up mf hugely. Plus MSD should reduce the payment at least 40~50$

How can I be qualified for that?

You have to be a United Premier member, I believe. I’m not, so I don’t know - I ended up with fleet through my employer.

You have to be a premier member to get the fleet discount on loaners ($500). Everyone gets 25k miles, which are easily worth $500 or more.

Residual value for 10k/24 mo is 65%

I’m pretty sure that you can get the fleet discount by signing up online for a USAA account. I signed up for an account but do not have any bank accounts etc with them.

Do you have a military connection in your blood line?

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I’m so confused. I thought by being United Premier it was $2500 off?

A quick update.

The salesman came back with the rv number yesterday: 58%. Again he said he needs to ask his manger about MSD, and then the typical dealer bs “when will you call me/come in/test drive etc”. I was super busy with my work so I skip him for the whole day. Last night when I checked the dealer website I surprisingly found out the car became a “new” car without showing mileage and discount as before. I wrote an email to the salesman and ask what happen. He came back this morning, said there was a mistake in the system and ask me to call him ASAP. Well, this is interesting but I smell a bit of dishonest and didn’t feel motivated at all so I skip him for the whole day again. Will make a call tomorrow though.

Are you in NorCal? If so, send me a PM.

Nope. For loaners, it is $500.

I’m in TX. 2020202020