2018 Toyota Tundra SR5 CrewMax 4x4 Lease $325 sign & drive 24/12

First time Hackr. Appreciate all of the insight and information I’ve been able to gather here. Went thru Costco and got the following offer from dealer online:

2018 Tundra, SR5 Crewmax 5.7L V8 4x4
MSRP: $46,224

  • TRD Off Road Pkg w/ Options (SR5 Upgrade Pkg, Convenience Pkg, Entune Prem Audio/Nav)
  • All Weather Liners/Door Sills
  • Door Edge Guards
    Invoice: $43,384
    Toyota Rebate: $2,000
    Costco Discount: $2,000
    Selling Price: $39,384
    Monthly Payment: $325 (including tax: PA 9%)
    Cash Due at Signing: $0

MF quoted: .00180
Residual quoted: $36,979 (80% according to my calculation?)
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 12k

Still feel this should be a bit closer to $300, if not just under. Saw someone posted they got this configuration, along with Exhaust Tip, Brushed Stainless Steel Stepboards, and Skid Resistor Bedliner without Deck Rail System (which isn’t included here in price) for $300. Should I try to have them include Tire and Wheel, gap insurance, wear & tear coverage for same monthly? What do people think of this as-is? Thank you in advance!

If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Is the lease through Toyota Financial or a different group. If through Toyota you could also inquire about MSDs to get your payment lower.

$2K can’t be with TFS as they don’t allow you to get the incentivized rate of 0.00150.
Only for outside banks like Ally or US Bank or CU.

You can do MSD with TFS but you will not get the $2K rebate.
By doing MSD you reduce Toyota’s RCF by 0.00072 points, which would end up at 0.00078 MF instead of 0.00150

I’ll find out on that. Just realized it does not include the Entune Prem Audio/Nav. Just TRD Off Road Pkg, SR5 Upgrade Pkg and Convenience Pkg. So missing that plus steel step boards and bed liner without deck rails…which was the sample deal bigdaddydb posted. Makes me re-think that $325 all in offer.

Yea, I found I need the step panels to get in/out of the car. Hate the steel wheels - like the 20" alloy wheels that come on the TRD Sport package.

Hard to find the TRD Sport Package w/ Convenience pkg together!

What dealer in Pa was this at? Trying to find the same deal.

Please share the dealer! I called multiple in pa and couldn’t find one that uses ally or us bank

Toyota dealer in Thorndale. i didn’t have anything on official docs though, just via email and conversation.

Were you able to determine which bank they were quoting?

I would think US Bank, as their numbers appeared to match. but not 100% sure.

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Any update on this? This sounds like a great deal.

Can you PM the dealer you used? I have a Costco membership and the dealers around me laugh.

No I ran the numbers through us bank vs Toyota financial and Toyota was cheapest and better w MF and RV

Wait I think it was for the tacoma. wrong thread,

US Bank will do a 24 month 10K lease on a SR5 Crewmax for 72% and 0.00195 MF - quoted by a dealer 2 hours away…