2018 Toyota Rav 4 Limited

Hello, I am looking to lease a 2018 Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid.
Here is the break down the dealer has given me.
MSRP 36336.00
Sale Price $34116.67
Rebate $1500
Total Sale price is $32626.67

The residual is $19621.00. For a 36 month, with $542, for first month and tax on rebate add, the payment is $437.72. So it’s not the 1% I was hoping for… Can I even get close to 1% on this car?


Where are you located ?

IL and money factor is .00073

I know the MF in SoCal is 0.00001

Looking at your deal its about $400 under invoice. So there probably another $500-1000 in room to go.

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Look into current Buick lease deals instead that’s equivalent to the Rav 4, if you don’t mind the Buick badge. Its a heck lot cheaper. I just leased a (base) preferred Encore and can say it’s another level above our 2016 RAV4

Thanks, i drove the rav 4 hybrid and was not impressed. I did look at a nissan murano. I’m checking lease on it now.

You can get a gmc terrain denali for $100 less than that payment, and it’d be a much nicer car.

Thanks. I’ll check that out !

You can squeeze them for another $700-$1,500 off of the selling price!
Tell them you know they’re far away from their holdback to be only going so little under invoice!

Lol. Tell them you can get a 50k Alfa Stevio for this payment…