2018 Toyota Rav 4 End Of Lease Southeast Toyota Finance

After browsing for hours this is my first post so bear with me. I hope I do everything correctly! My 2018 Toyota Rav4 lease is up on December 31st. I would like to lease another Rav4 as I really liked the car. I would like to stick with a lease because of the tax advantages as an independent contractor.

My payment is $360 and my mileage is 27k. My buyout is $20k. Knowing the market for used cars right now I did get a Carvana quote of $25k. The sticky part of the situation is I am with Southeast Toyota Finance and they do not allow third party buyouts.

I am trying to figure out my best course of action. In my brief texts with the same dealer I got the original lease from is quoting the same model XLE for $499 a month and nothing down. He says it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get the car depending on what color I want. I do not want to pay that much for a Toyota lease.

I would hate to just hand over the car and let them get all of the equity but I know that I don’t have any bargaining chips here. Does it make sense to try to buy the car (I could probably pull together the cash), resell to Carvana, then lease? If I had to get a loan would that still make sense? I am concerned about taxes on both the purchase and the new lease eating into any equity (and if I had to get a loan even more eating into the equity). Also, he had no idea what my credit is when he quoted that $499 a month so I don’t know how he can say that. My FICO 8 Auto score is 730.

I can drive my husbands car if I need to and wait for delivery. Any advice here? Does it make sense to go through the hassle of buy, sell, lease? Should I shop around dealers too? I am happy to drive to pickup. I have a previous habit of doing cars impulsively so I just want to be smart about this and get the deal possible. Thank you!

You will have to pay sales tax on the buyout so figure that into the equity you would receive.

What amount would the Toyota dealer buy it for? Have you looked at all the online options, vroom, carvana, etc?

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