2018 Toyota Highlander SE lease UPDATED WITH LEASE INFO


MRSP . 42794
sales price 38673. (10%)
MF . oo1
RV 28244 for 12k
27388 for 15k
payment including indiana taxes 440.58 for 36/15
no down payment
$500 TRADE IN that they are applying to 1st payment.


Looking a leasing a 2018 highlander SE model. MSRP is 42794. Almost finalized on Saturday. Purchase price is currently 38673. Lease terms offered were 36/15 at $440 month with taxes and fees. GAP would be additional. Included $500 trade for an old car.

I have never leased before and needed to regroup before finalizing. I believe the residual value was 27+ on the paperwork.

Plan is to call the dealer on Tuesday to get the specifics on the MF and exact residual value.

Can you give any input based on what I do know?

Merry Christmas!

You should probably post a full breakdown here before you sign anything. A dealer hiding additional fees would be a nice Christmas gift for them, but not for you. A residual value of “27+” also makes no sense. Maybe 72%? Check Edmunds.

That should have read 27,xxx for the residual, which looks like it is 64% residual. Not completely sure of those last three numbers. Checked on Edmunds, and it is listed as 64% for 36/15 or 66% for 36/12. I will get full details on Tuesday.

UPDATED in original ppst