2018 Tiguan SEL premium 4 Motion

Hi, I am almost ready to sign the following lease, can you please evaluate it
Tiguan SEL premium 4Motion MSRP 39040, sale price 34000. MF 0.00130
(Is it current in 44060 zip code?) Residual 57% (is it correct) 36 month/12K a year.
$50 down payment and 35 title fee, plus first month, (total of 540 drive off).
Tax, Doc fee of 250 and 675 Acquisition fee all rolled in the monthly payment of 455.00
Is this good or did I get taken? Thank you.

This looks right, it’s not a good lease though. You could get close to a 48k Audi A4 for a similar price, I’ve seen Q5s go for around $500/month.

Not saying he’s getting a good deal, but the Tiguan he’s getting is pretty much fully loaded, whereas the 500 Q5 isn’t and most likely will have 1500 drive off.

If you just wanted to lease a decently equipped luxury SUV, the QX60, albeit bigger, would have been a better bang for buck. Another one to lease is an RX350… Both much higher MSRP but similar payment

On the smaller side, could have tried a BMW X2 in the 300s…

I would argue that the Q5 is a better car and a Premium+ Q5 at 50k will be much better equipped than a 40k Tiguan SEL. Not to mention season of Audi starts in 2 weeks which is most likely going to be a lower MF and first month’s payment.

They can’t play with the residual. That is set by the bank. For the MF, google “2018 Tiguan MF”, find the Edmunds thread, and make a post there. The moderators can provide you with that info.